Published: 2018-02-26



Sebastian Jilke, Kenneth J. Meier, Gregg G. Van Ryzin
Abstract 382 | PDF Downloads 481 | DOI

Research Articles

Putting social rewards and identity salience to the test: Evidence from a field experiment with teachers in Philadelphia

Syon P. Bhanot, Gordon Kraft-Todd, David Rand, Erez Yoeli
Abstract 740 | PDF Downloads 352 Supplement Downloads 0 | DOI

Bureaucrats' processing of organizational reputation signals

Sharon Gilad, Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom, Michaela Assouline
Abstract 564 | PDF Downloads 368 | DOI

Foresighted outcome effect: A micro-foundation of agents' risk aversion in principal-agent relations

Michal Livnat-Lerer, Raanan Sulitzeau-Kenan, Tehila Kogut
Abstract 490 | PDF Downloads 232 | DOI

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